Monday, May 18, 2015

Don Antonio bites the dust in the ATL

Just over a year after the Atlanta location of Don Antonio opened, it closed.  While this is really sad news for those of us that enjoyed the amazing food there, it's not even slightly surprising to hear of its closing.

For our first visit there, the owner and manager rolled out the red carpet so needless to say, the service was exceptional.  During every other visit there, the service was friendly enough, but it was always slow.  Slow service when a place is slammed is understandable, but when there are four to six tables in the place total, it's really not understandable at all.  Buckhead is not Italy and people that dine out in that area are not going to return to places that have the type of service that is common in Italy - outside of Italy.  Often called "relaxed service" over there, for the most part, we call it slow and unacceptable over here.

On top of the slow service, it seemed that asking for extra cheese on your pizza (gluten-free or not)  was deeply offensive and while we always got extra cheese after asking, it was never an easy get and it was never done with a smile from the servers.  So, many people never went back whether they can eat gluten or not.  It was very out of the way for us to get to often, but I would put up with the service due to the incredible FRESH pizza crust (made with Italian soy flour) they made in house.  I was probably in a small group of diners that would suffer sub par service in exchange for fabulous pizza.              
We are trying a new place (for us - not new to the ATL) later this week.  It's another Neapolitan pizza place that also makes gluten-free crust in house.  Hopefully it won't be an issue to get extra cheese if we want it ;)   

Tuesday, April 14, 2015

Gluten-free muffins to the rescue!

A traditional brunch menu is typically heavy on gluten-filled options and when you're visiting in-laws for Easter, you can easily end up having to make do while hoping for the best. Meaning, hoping you don't get sick due to uninformed or misinformed staff members.

While I was fortunate and was able to find plenty of safe food to eat at Easter brunch this year, what really made me feel like it was brunch was my gluten-free muffin.  That would be the Pillsbury chocolate chip muffin I took to brunch in my purse.  Due to where I was, I could not trust the staff to take the muffin into the kitchen to heat up for me, but it didn't matter.  The muffins are delicious any way you can get them - hot with butter or plain at room temperature!

Presently, this is the only nationally distributed gluten-free muffin that offers individual wrappers for each unit.  Just grab one out of the freezer, throw in your purse (or workout bag or lunch bag) and you're good to go!

This is the perfect travel snack, though I haven't yet taken an international trip with them.  They'd be perfect to give you a boost during a long flight, but I haven't investigated how long the muffins stay fresh once they're defrosted.

I'm partial to chocolate chip muffins, but there is a blueberry muffin in this line if you prefer a more traditional breakfast option.  They are hitting Ingles stores in the ATL and are en route to Kroger stores this summer.  Hopefully, Publix won't be far behind ;)

Like most gluten-free muffins, the Pillsbury brand is stocked in your grocer's freezer.  ENJOY!

Thursday, April 9, 2015

True Food at Lenox Square

Recently, an old friend asked if I could meet for lunch near or at Lenox Square in Buckhead.  I told her to pick a place and I'd check on the gluten-free options.  She already had a place in mind - True Food - and she also knew there was gluten-free selection noted on the menu.

I checked out the menu online and decided it looked good enough to check out.  Mall dining is not my favorite thing to do, but True Food is on the corner of the mall with a street entrance.  You can easily forget your at the mall with the high ceilings and bustling ambiance.  There are gluten-free specialty items (like bread for sandwiches) available, but I opted for two half salads (may not be listed on the menu) and they were both delicious!

The turkey lasagna looks interesting - they use spinach instead of pasta sheets.  I think the pizza crust is from Venice bakery.  You can check out the restaurant's website and menu here.

If you have room for dessert, check out the macaron cart in front of Sephora on the main level of the mall.  They are not the best I've had, but they are decent enough if you're not a macaron snob like we are.  Another dessert option is the gluten-free cupcake at Sprinkles which is also on the front of the mall just down from True Food.  I only tried the gluten-free option once, and that was one time too many.  Hopefully, they are doing better for gluten-free folks by now ;)